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Debian artwork

Artwork is a matter of taste, style and consistency. Design by committee does not work.

SBackup purge

SBackup Purge
Here is the first screenshot of a new tab in the SBackup configuration that allows you to automatically erase old backups. There are two options: plain and simple "keep backups for X days and then erase them" or the smart (and default) progressive trimming option in which you have more backups of recent times and fewer backups of less recent times.
Now that the interface is up, I will be coding the part that actually does the trimming. The tricky part is dealing with incremental backups in progressive purge scenario. I will need to do a lot of testing to insure that I get it right, before I release it.

Bit horizon

A small idea for increasing the performance of peer-to-peer communications for highly popular files.

Simple day

I spent the whole day today investigating and fixing SBackup bugs and adding new features. The 0.10 release will be da bomb! My current plan is to spend 10 more hours on this tomorrow and after that I will declare a feature and string freeze for 0.10 and will give the translators a day or two to make/update their translations.

Security costs? You pay!

Apparently the government agencies in UK that are managing the current security craze have little to no idea how much their super-paranoid security policies acctualy cost. It appears that direct losses from one day of air traffic chaos costs airlines 175 million pounds.

Next day means next week?

The Dell saga goes into second stage. Despite me having a priority XPS next day on-site warranty it took three days, one click-trough of on-line wizard, two emails and three phone calls to get the collection of my broken laptop going. And now it will only be collected on Monday. Doh!

British rural public transport

I am writing a collective article about all thing I hate (and a few I like) in UK, but this is too important to let it slide until then - I hate British public transport.
Background information: I live in Cranfield village (ZIP code MK43 0JN, look it up) right in the middle between Milton Keynes and Bedford. Last bus from Milton Keynes to Cranfield leaves MK at 19:20. Last bus from Bedford to Cranfield leaves at 22:40. None of them is late enough for my taste, but most importantly none of them is synchronised with other transport, like trains from London.
The Story: today the sponsors of my Masters project were meeting with a technical evangelist from Google and invited me along to a pub in London. I planed my journey via Bedford. The meeting went well, the time flew by and I found myself taking a Midlands express back to Bedford that left London's St. Pancras station at 22.00. Needless to say I missed the last bus to Cranfield by 3 minutes. Wonderful.
Of course the good thing was that I had done this walk once before a few weeks ago, when I was returning from getting my new laptop from Newcastle. Then it was a backbreaking 4 hour walk along a highway with a 10+ kg backpack and almost no water. This time I was more prepared - I knew the names of the villages in the area and knew the directions better and I had less weight with me. I also discovered a number of shops and take-away places that were still open at that hour (a rare sight here) and manged to get a sandwich and a bottle of water for the trip. I took a few safe shortcuts and in the end came home in just over 3 hours.
But still that does not change the fact - British public transport sucks, especially in rural areas.

Laptop down

A half an hour ago my brand new Dell XPS M1710 laptop stopped working. It just turned off and would not turn on again. I got my old HP lappie out and went to Dell site for debugging. After several quite nice debugging steps the fault fell into a generic "no idea what it is, but it sure is bad" category and I was told to contact the support, which I did - by email. Let's see how long it takes to get this thing fixed and how will they respect my Linux partitions if I will need to send it in.
Oh well, that means that I will go to bed early today - yay!

SBackup revitalising - I18N

The development of SBackup was very stale for most of this year, mostly because many of the bug/feature that user were requesting required a significant rewrite of the codebase and at the same time I saw how messy the code has become over time. A few people came up and offered some help, but out of that only new icons and a command-line parameter parser were fully developed - other developers just took a task or a an idea and disappeared.

Cobert takes on Latvia (future, hopefull)

I was just told that Steven Colbert is going to feature Latvia in it's new sketch "Meet an ally". On his show, he often does thematic multi-part sketches where he meets with all participants of some kind of group. The best example is his ongoing '434-part series' "Better know a district" that even earned a Wikipedia article for itself. After talking with the representative of Pilau to UN, he found out that only military force they had was one single patrol boat and that it's ambassador has barely any relation to the small island state from the Pacific. Hopefully we will look a bit better :)

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