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More of a good thing?

There is one particular aspect of Microsoft's document format going through ISO process that I had a hard time to find a counter-argument against: "Well it is better to have multiple open formats, isn't it?". Last night when I was presenting in a Document Freedom Day event, I finally got one. When multiple standards exist in the same area, two options can exist:

  1. Cooperative standards - providing similar functionality in different ways that can coexist in the same medium without a significant overhead. An example of this are the credit cards - they have multiple ways that the card information can be transferred to the bank: visual writing down of the data, imprint, magnetic strip and the chip. Any of these ways can be used and all of the are equally valid;

  2. Conflicting standards - providing the same functionality in incompatible ways. The example here is the power adaptors - the form of the power plug is an open and public standard (AFAIK), but so many of them exist in different places that it creates all sorts of problems both for companies producing electronic equipment and for frequent travellers.


Occasionally I post (or could post) things that are not fit for Debian Planet (non-English) or Planet (unrelated to Latvian or Debian/Ubuntu matters), so I finally budged and switch the planet feeds to their own categories so that such things can be managed on a per-post basis.

Flu sucks

If you tried contacting me in the last few days, I was deeply offline due to high fever. Not fully recovered yet. Flu be damned!

Standard software not in standard?

I was consulting a small company with a couple Debian servers the other day and I found that they did not have some packages that I expected to be there. Now thinking about it on every server that I install or take over the first thing I do is install a bunch of packages, such as: sudo, mc, wajig, localepurge and a bunch of others that I can't remember at the first moment, but that I re-discover each time I find them missing. I assume that other people have discovered other great non-standard tools that I am missing out on.

Dealing with common mistranslations

In the Latvian l10n community we often deal with the problem of mistranslation of common words such as "file", "preferences" and "advanced". There are several words that fit each of those and over the years preferences in the community have shifted back and forth.


I have decided to do something special for my 25th birthday this year so I have made plans to visit Frankfurt from 23rd to 25th of March with my girlfriend. Her birthday is just a day before mine.

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