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New hardware - planning

My primary workstation is a 3 and a half year old Dell XPS M1710 laptop and it is getting old - the 320 Gb hard drive is getting small and slow, the 3 Gb or RAM (expanded from 2 Gb) look too small and screen is turning brown in one corner. Also dead or dying: keyboard (after cat+coffee incident), built-in speakers, battery, power adapter (twice replaced), DVD writer (rads but does not write any more) and fans (one replaced, one getting louder by the week). Also the video card is a bit slow for nowadays needs.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-26

  • Apparently Twitter Tools for Wordpress are not UTF-8 safe - latvian chars turned into '?' :( #

  • - finally found out how to make a Wave public. #

  • Forgot to set setting in my TwitterTools, so the tweet about new blog post missed the URL. Here it is #

  • Reading - the best intro book into GIT distributed version control system #

  • Love the backgrounds that are shipped with Ubuntu 9.10, especially the stack of space backgrounds. I hope there will be more to come! #

  • LTV Ziņas: Mazsalacas novadā nokrīt meteorīts - gribu video no vietas! #

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QEMU quit during console startup bind() failed

To get more Google juice to the problem. If you are trying qemu or libvirt or kvm or virt-manager and when you are starting up your second guest you see a message such like this:

My first post with Google Wave pops up for people

Some time ago I wrote a test post with a Google Wave embedded into the post. Only a couple days ago I discovered that to make a Wave public one needs to add as a participant to the wave. I did that and the Wave became visible also to people without Wave accounts. But another fun thing happened at the same time - multiple people reported that this Wave popped up directly in their Google Wave Inbox. But in this case I suspect that when people saw the Wave (even in it's disabled form) either on my blog or on the Planet Debian, Google stored that info somewhere and when they logged in their new Google Wave accounts it added that wave to their Inbox, but the wave did not show up in their Inbox until I made it public a couple days ago. And thus there was a disconnect between action (people viewing my blog post) and reaction (Wave showing up in their Inbox) that will confuse a lot of people.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-19

  • Gooooood morning, Vieeeeeetnam! #

  • Accenture day 3 - I've finally figured out all control surfaces of my chair. Bliss. Might as well work now :) #

  • Prowling for a good lunch spot around Accenture iffice. Got several suggestions - week full of testing ahead :) #

  • - Nice! A good rescue image of Ubuntu made by DELL :) #

  • nopietni upgreidots. ?oti pat?kami. #

  • Added a plugin to my Wordpress to auto-post a summary of my tweets every week. Should 'liven' the blog a bit and allow better comments. #

  • Google Chrome sicks - it does not support SuperGenPass :) #

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Test post with an embedded wave

Hello all, the latest craze is the Google Wave preview. I am in, so I am testing how a Google Wave will look when primitively embedded into a blog post using Wavr plugin for Wordpress. And here it is:

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