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Photo migration from Flickr to Google Plus

I've been with Flickr since 2005 now, posting a lot of my photos there, so that other poeple from the events, that I usually take photos of, could enjoy them. But lately I've become annoyed with it. It is very slow to uplaod to and even worse to get photos out of it - there is no large shiny button to Download a set of photos, like I noticed in G+. So I decided to try and copy my photos over. I am not abandoning or deleting my Flickr account yet, but we'll see.

Crazy ideas - higher education tax

There is a strong discussion in Latvia right now on how to evaluate and fund higher education (university education, bachelor degrees and up) in a fair way that has the best advantage to the society as a whole as well as the students and the universities.

Kā dabūt 100% ātruma drošību uz ceļiem

Auto ātrums nav vienīgais avāriju, nāves, ievainojumu un materiālo zaudējumu cēlonis, taču tas ir šo seku reizinātājs (pat ja auto saslīd neuzmanības dēļ runājot pa telefonu, sekas tam būs jo smagākas, jo lielāks bija sākotnējais ātrums). Ja atrast veidu kā nodrošināt to, ka cilveki ievēro atļauto ātrumu, tad rodas iespēja gan palielināt atļauto ātrumu tajās vietās, kur tas ir jēdzīgi, gan arī atbrīvot policijas resursus citu pārkāpumu vai problēmu apkarošanai. Tāpēc būtu prātīgi atrast kādu vieglāku un drošāku veidu kā nodrošināt atļautā maksimālā ātruma ievērošanu netērējot tam pārāk lielus ceļu policijas resursus. Fotoradari ir labs pirmais solis, taču ar mūšdienu tehnoloģijām ir iespējams sasniegt arī labāku rezultātu.

Cloning or pre-configuring a batch of Android phones

An interesting question popped up in my Twitter stream today - is there an Android alternative to Apple configurator (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) that allows to create a bunch of identical Apple devices with some added configurations and applications. The best I could come up with is not as polished, but on the other hand much more powerful option - Nandroid backup and restore (also known as ClockworkMod Recovery backup).


Quick post. In light of recent Nokia+Microsoft-MeeGo news, I have gone to learn more about Android in a hurry. And here is the first result - MorzeSMS.

Ubuntu 10.04 and NTFS filesystems

subj. don't mix - just upgraded a simple Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04 and it failed to boot. After careful examination, it looks that something replaced the munt line of my NTFS partition in the /etc/fstab and claimed that it is a VFAT partition and 'mountall' that is run during boot gets very, very confused if presented with such dillema, so mach in fact that it hangs and stops the whole boot sequence.

Gnome typing break has no way to lock the screen

Want a definition of a paper cut bug? Here it is. And here and here are two more side effects of the same bug. The original bug report will be 6 years old in a month. Can we do something to prevent this bug surviving that long?

QEMU quit during console startup bind() failed

To get more Google juice to the problem. If you are trying qemu or libvirt or kvm or virt-manager and when you are starting up your second guest you see a message such like this:

Test post with an embedded wave

Hello all, the latest craze is the Google Wave preview. I am in, so I am testing how a Google Wave will look when primitively embedded into a blog post using Wavr plugin for Wordpress. And here it is:

Google Wave

So, the latest buzz on the web is all about Google Wave. I would urge everyone developing stuff for the Internet and technological people depending on the Internet for their daily work, to watch that introductory video. The concept is frankly mind-blowing. If this is done right and embraced by all the right people, Google Wave could be the new platform concept that could be used to create new generation of email, instant messaging, collaboration software (CMS, wiki, Sharepoint, workflow, ...), blogging software and forum software and do all that while integrating back with current technologies, like Twitter and RSS feeds.

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