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Poetry night - Space

A bi-lingual poem created on inspiration from Debconf15 and in honor of Debconf Poetry Night by Rhonda

New Nokia games coming

Warning, this post is COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL, do not spread outside of authorized corporate internal communication channels.

Paris Hilton

... I find that I am actually respecting her after this.

Fastforward to January 21st 2009 ...

"... Today is the first day in office for President Barack Obama ... In other news, Hillary Clinton is still on the campaign trail and is not giving up ..." - best ever joke about the current US election. I think it was from The Daily Show, but I cannot be certain.

Baby Jesus violation meme

Most absurd religious bullshit in long time. Baby Jesus cries like being stabbed in the eye with a fork. It is like a sweet gay love orgy between baby Mohamed, baby Jesus and baby Abraham while baby L. Ron Hubbard films it all and baby Buddha gives artistic directions. Wouldn't you want to see that Holy Trinity? Just as real and inspiring as the other one. Baby Jesus is a fictional character just like Donald Duck or Terminator, get over it.

I'm blue!

Me and a Blue Man
In the last day of Lastguru's visit, I convinced him to go to The Blue Man group performance in the New London Theatre. The performance was just great - a combination of rhythmic music, dramatic light and a hilarious comedy show. Just wonderful!
There was a lot of classic Blue Man moments - weird looks, colour-splashing drums, rock concert movements, textual and emotional sketches with the audience and the great "You Are LATE!" intermission. It really was 100 minutes of pure fun.
And best of all, on the exit I was given a special ticket with which I can get back in again for free if I bring a friend - yay!

Howard worldwide

I am hooked. I love to listen to Howard Stern. Up to now I have been doing it quietly by downloading it from P2P ever since I heard about him from a 60 minutes appearance just before moving to satellite radio on 1st January of 2006.

Bug hugging?

Hmm, I wonder if in the bug squashing parties one can eliminate bugs by hard random hugging?

For those who care about flamewars!

This MUST stop now! If every DD would express his opinion and anger and frustration on the thread, then it would be the mother of all flamewars and it will suck the life out of all other Debian lists and stop the development outright. Flames shall not pass!

Fun group photos

The next day after the main group photo we decided to try and make something that is more funny and more sunny, so we decided to try to make a group photo in the pool. The event was completely voluntary and meant more for fun. At first we tried to create a shape of the Debian swirl in the pool.

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