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I called it!

Ryanair finally sued the UK government for 3 million pounds for the air traffic disruptions, just like I called it!
Now they only need to team up with British Airways (who demand their money from goverment's BAA) and all the other affected airlines, so that the court doesn't just dismiss it right away. Also it would be nice if Ryanair rallied the people to halp them - demonstration in front of the courthouse and bumper stickers saying "Keep Britain Flying!" and "Keep US Flying!" (along with t-shirts, umbrellas and sports style water bottles) would also help to rally public support.

Secure flying

If one really wants to make international flying perfectly safe (at least safe from terrorists masquerading as passengers), it is in fact very simple and quite cheap:

Cobert takes on Latvia (future, hopefull)

I was just told that Steven Colbert is going to feature Latvia in it's new sketch "Meet an ally". On his show, he often does thematic multi-part sketches where he meets with all participants of some kind of group. The best example is his ongoing '434-part series' "Better know a district" that even earned a Wikipedia article for itself. After talking with the representative of Pilau to UN, he found out that only military force they had was one single patrol boat and that it's ambassador has barely any relation to the small island state from the Pacific. Hopefully we will look a bit better :)

F-word on BBC and shot Muslims

Pre-story: In Forestgate in London police stormed inside a house, shot one man and arrested him and his brother. After 10 days it turned out that no evidence of any gilt to them was found in the raid and the raid is only based on some secret intelligence.

RMS Turin speech thoughts

Happy + sad + hectic all in one day

Moving to UK

Oscars rant

Debian -- News -- Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released

Debian -- News -- Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released

YAY!!!! The new chapter in the FLOSS history has been opened.

Ian Murdock’s Weblog » Open source and the commoditization of software

Ian Murdock’s Weblog » Open source and the commoditization of software

Ian starts with a history of commodisation in computer industry and continues about how dangerouse is the tactic employed by RedHat (to redefine 'Linux' as a platform). In the end Ian describes the business model that is used at Progeny.

I must agree with Ian that usig the commodisation rather then fighting it is the best strategy in the long term, but the problem is in the short term - gaining the start-up advantage. Starting a business is a high risk in itself and starting it without a specific advantage is upping the risk above what venture capitalists would allow. In other words the question is - after you've spend your start-up funds and gained some customers, what will stop the previose encumberant of just repeating your business model, just using his resourses.

That kind brings me back to writing my master thesis about open and transitional software development business models. At least, now that I've taken an academic brake, I hace the time to consider it.

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