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Droša elektroniskā balsošana

Palasot pēdējā laika diskusijas par e-balsošanu cilvēkiem dažreiz nolaižas rokas un liekas, ka labāk aizmirst par e-balsošanu - jo redz nevar būt droši un tāpēc labak to nedarīt vispār. Izmanto pat frāzes kā 'NP complete', lai atbaidītu cilvēkus.

Zombies. Wait, don't run away, yet ...

I never got the craze for the zombie this and zombie that. I saw the premise as thinner than vampire storyline which in my book only had a good day with Buffy franchise. But then I got Kindle and run out of stuff to read and decided to pick up something less lively and more shambling. And you know what I found - there are a few great books hiding behind the 'zombie' label.

IT ministrija - jauns sākums

Iepriekšējā postā es aprakstīju kāpēc e-lietu ministrija piedzīvoja neveiksmi. Šajā postā es aprakstīšu ideālu IT ministriju Latvijas apstākļiem, kā līdz tam nonākt praktiski un kāpēc tādu strukturālo IT pārvaldes reformu vispār vajadzētu darīt, it īpaši tagad.

IT ministrija - kā tam nebūtu jābūt

Šajā postā es pamēģināšu ieskicēt manas personīgās domas par to, kāpēc izgāzās e-lietu ministrija. Pēc tam nākošajā postā es skicēšu manas domas par to kādai būtu jābūt ideālai IT ministrijai un kā līdz tai nokļūt mūsu praktiskajā pasaulē.

Hacker 'Neo' caught in Latvia

A scandal has been brewing in Latvia over the last half year and yesterday the activity spiked shocking the media and some IT people in the country. I'll go back and explain what happened first, what is happening now and why this could have a heavy impact on IT and journalists in Latvia.

Book review - Moon is a harsh mistress

I finally made myself read a classic sci-fi book and the choice fell on The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein. I missed this writer somehow while I was growing up and reading all the books I could find left and right. I sure will seek out and read more of his work now.

Copyright infringement is like walking into a concert without a ticket

In light of Ted's post on copyright, it is clear that we are bogged down by a hostile terminology.

Following the US finansial problems OR elections

Lately following the US elections (and lately the finance collapse) is an interesting thing, I have been watching the following (in the order of importance):

  1. NBC Nightly News

  2. NBC Meet the Press

  3. NBC Countdown

  4. The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

24th September as a day against software patents - Debian support?

According to the Slashdot article and the website itself and on Digg, the anti-software-patent activists are attempting a world-wide event on the 24th of September as a world-wide day against software patents. USA has them via a weird court ruling, Japan has them as well (not sure why), there have been efforts to force software patents on EU, India, Australia and many other countries either by Microsoft lobbies or even via US trade treaty pressure.

Paris Hilton

... I find that I am actually respecting her after this.

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