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The python-gnome2 bindings for gnomevfs ...

The python-gnome2 bindings for gnomevfs are completely undocumented :P
I so wish i could kick that developer in the^W^W^W^W^W donate small amount of money to have it fixed. :)

Currently I am very busy writing my Summ...

Currently I am very busy writing my Summer of Code project. You can see my plan on the Ubuntu wiki: and follow my progress in my bazaar-ng repository.
I must say that bazaar-ng is a simple as subversion and as powerful as arch, but as complete as current Xorg package for Ubuntu unstable (aka breezy) ;P
I am writing all of this SoC code in python which is my first real life exposure to this language. I am deeply impressed by the easiness of the language, but slightly depressed by the lack of documentation in some areas, for example python-gnome modules are mostly undocumented. While the simple stuff can be scoped out from some examples, a more advanced use would require much guesswork.
I like that in python everything is an object and that objects with similar interfaces are interchangeable, for example: Tarfile module makes .tar archives. It would really like to write them out to a file, but will also accept a fileobj. It acctually only need this object to have a proper write() function, so a Handle from Gnome-vfs module should do nicely there. That would allow a transparent reading/writing of the resulting .tar to any destination supported by Gnome-VFS.
Now that is cool.
I am writing a backup daemon now. The due date for this is tomorrow. I have local plain file and local .tar backups working. I still have to make Gnome-vfs .tar backups work as intended, make incremental backups work and do some configuration file parsing. Also a simple restore utility must be done 'till tomorrow. I might just make it :)
(GUI tools are scheduled for the next week)

Introduction to Web Services for Remote Portlets

Introduction to Web Services for Remote Portlets

Untill now Service Oriented Arhitecture, UDDI or WSDL have been only buzzwords to me.

Imagine a web portal - this blog, for example. There small modules on the right showing few last blog items, favorite links and other stuff. These can be called 'portlets' (portal applets). If wanted to add there something like a weather report, where you could enter you ZIP code and get a weather report for your area, I would have to do two things:

  • Find a place to gather the weather data from

  • Write bunch of scripts to take data from that place and integrate it into my blog and also a much larger bunch of code to provide you an input form to enter your ZIP code and for my website to preserve that value

To solve the first problem there is the UDDI - a registry of premade portlets. To solve the second problem there is WSRP - an interface for integrating a remote applet into a web page (a portal) in a standart way. This would mean that I would only need to write one tag in my page and the web server (or, usually, the application contaner, like JBoss) will do the rest of conversion and intergation work.
Those corporate programmers are getting lazy by the day :D

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