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Cinematic dream

Sometimes I have these cinematic dreams, and I have decided that if I for some reason wake up right after it and still remember it vividly enough, I should write it down. So yesterday I had one of those. What follows is more of a polished description of how I understood the dream, almost a skeleton of a movie script.

I just had the weirdest dream ever - I a...

I just had the weirdest dream ever - I am attacked by a daemon who has been raised to believe that the purpose of his existence is to kill me. I overpower him using some of my aikido, but when he tries to kill me while breaking his own arms, I try to stop him by threatening to kill him. He does not listen and I stick his own two knifes in him. He does not die, but weakens considerably and explains that I can't kill him because I do not want it enough, which seamed logical. :)
At this point the strangest thing starts - a small book made of round leather straps falls out of his pocket. The book. The language is clearly demonic, but I (and my friends that are gathered around) try to understand anyway. When we turn to the back of the front cover of the book, I find a circular writing that seams to be in Latin. In a jolt of intuition I start to read it in rhythm of a popular pop song. After around the half of the text, my friends join in. When we finish, we find that the book has transformed form 10cm circular thingies to a proper A4 book and when we turn the page, we see that the text is in Latvian now. We tried to browse forward, but text turned into gibberish further on.
A book that can only be read sequentially and translates itself to the language of the reader - nice idea. :) Unfortunately I woke up at that point and I still have no idea of what was written there. :(


I am still recovering my sleep after the Debconf5, but I now have a bit strength to say what I thing about it in general:
It was great! Thank you very much to all that helped to make it happen!

Another success

... at waking up at 5 :)
The only reason for that was that I was very tired yesterday and went to bed at 20:00 or even earlier.

Sleep disbalance

At this moment I've not slept for 46 hours. In two hours I will go to the airport to catch a plane to Brussels. In ten hours I will meet with three members of European Parlament that are very influential back in Latvia. My task will be to get them to spend a lot of their time to help us with the software patent directive.
I wonder why I feel a bit sceptical :P

Early riser (try 2)

Okay - today I managed to wake up at 5. This is the second time I managed to do that. I've already done most of the queued work for today and I had a real breakfast - I like it.

Test broke down

I really tried to wake up at 5 today, I did. But as soon as I tried to get up - my nose started bleeding, so I laid back untill it stopped ... when I woke up it was already 14:00. Doh!
I will not give up so easily!!!

Slleping habits revisited

In the light of today I might just have to reevaluate my sleeping habits. Usually I sleep 'till 12. Today I woke up at 5 and untill 12 I did more then I usually do in one day. After all that I still had strength for an exausting aikido practise and I am still up at midnight.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

My motto

If you sleeping is disturbing your job performance, then ... screw that job!

To be trully productive my work must not be tied to specific time-slice. Sometimes I am most productive 9-17, sometimes 16-24, sometimes 0-8.

On the other hand today I started to try to rise early following Steve Pavlina. Yay to me! Let's hope I can keep rising at 5 in the morning for at least a week, so I can truly evaluate the result.

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