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Debconf18 group photo

Enjoy the Debconf18 group photo and also the rest of my photos from Debconf18.

Ķīna 6 - internets

Ķīna ir slavena ne tikai ar savu akmens mūri valsts ziemeļos, bat arī ar Dižo Ķīnas Ugunsmūri apkārt visam šīs valsts Internetam, kas bloķē visu pēc kārtas un iebremzina visu pārējo. Man pirmā personīgā saskarsme ar šo "pakalpojumu" notika jau Šanhajas lidostā, kad ātri vien izrādījās, ka valstī bloķēts ir ne tikai Facebook, bet arī Twitter, kas ievērojami apgrūtināja manas iespējas ātri un viegli apziņot visus, ka es esmu vēl joprojām esmu dzīvs un vesels. Pēc pāris eksperimentiem izrādījās, ka, lai arī no telefona nav pieejama Google+ mājas lapa un nav lejuplādējama Google+ (un WhatsApp) programma uz Android, tomēr, ja tās jau ir telefonā, šie abi servisi turpina no telefona strādāt. Tāpēc es sāku rakstīt ceļojuma piezīmes Google+ un dažas dienas pēc ceļojuma sākuma man pat izdevās nokonfigurēt If This Then That servisu, lai tas paņem manus Google+ ierakstus un uztaisa no tiem Twitter ierakstus (kas jau tālāk pa citiem kanāliem izplatās uz Facebook un Draugiem un arī parādās kā nedēļas kopsavilkums šajā blogā).

Fish-ing for tips

I am trying to get used to fish as a default shell. I like some things in it, but can not quite get used to other things, so I wonder - maybe I am cooking it wrong? So here are things that I could not find a solution for, while switching from bash.

Gnome thumbnails size

I wonder - am I the only one who feels that Gnome default thumbnail size is way too small? See the bug report for the background, motivation and a comparison screenshot :)


Quick post. In light of recent Nokia+Microsoft-MeeGo news, I have gone to learn more about Android in a hurry. And here is the first result - MorzeSMS.

So, what is Microsoft Azure and how it compares to Amazon's AWS

We had a Microsoft salesperson stop at our offices today to tell people about wonders of cloud computing and Microsoft's Azure will save us all.

Ubuntu 10.04 and NTFS filesystems

subj. don't mix - just upgraded a simple Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04 and it failed to boot. After careful examination, it looks that something replaced the munt line of my NTFS partition in the /etc/fstab and claimed that it is a VFAT partition and 'mountall' that is run during boot gets very, very confused if presented with such dillema, so mach in fact that it hangs and stops the whole boot sequence.

Debug and optimization do NOT mix!

This has robbed me of several days of my life, so I want to bring Google juice this this problem.

Gnome typing break has no way to lock the screen

Want a definition of a paper cut bug? Here it is. And here and here are two more side effects of the same bug. The original bug report will be 6 years old in a month. Can we do something to prevent this bug surviving that long?

New hardware - planning

My primary workstation is a 3 and a half year old Dell XPS M1710 laptop and it is getting old - the 320 Gb hard drive is getting small and slow, the 3 Gb or RAM (expanded from 2 Gb) look too small and screen is turning brown in one corner. Also dead or dying: keyboard (after cat+coffee incident), built-in speakers, battery, power adapter (twice replaced), DVD writer (rads but does not write any more) and fans (one replaced, one getting louder by the week). Also the video card is a bit slow for nowadays needs.

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