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Cloning or pre-configuring a batch of Android phones

An interesting question popped up in my Twitter stream today - is there an Android alternative to Apple configurator (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) that allows to create a bunch of identical Apple devices with some added configurations and applications. The best I could come up with is not as polished, but on the other hand much more powerful option - Nandroid backup and restore (also known as ClockworkMod Recovery backup).

Fish-ing for tips

I am trying to get used to fish as a default shell. I like some things in it, but can not quite get used to other things, so I wonder - maybe I am cooking it wrong? So here are things that I could not find a solution for, while switching from bash.

New camera research

So, I was reading the coverage of the newly announced Canon 650D last week and it so happened that a friend needed a camera, so I sold my old Canon 550D and started looking for a replacement.

Droša elektroniskā balsošana

Palasot pēdējā laika diskusijas par e-balsošanu cilvēkiem dažreiz nolaižas rokas un liekas, ka labāk aizmirst par e-balsošanu - jo redz nevar būt droši un tāpēc labak to nedarīt vispār. Izmanto pat frāzes kā 'NP complete', lai atbaidītu cilvēkus.

Le Camp Le DebConf Le 2013!

The meeting was as long as the kernel changelog, the decision was as difficult as a Debian release, but in the end Le Camp has won in the voting 5 to 4. It was lucky that one member of the 10 man committee was not present or we could have had a tie, just like there was one in the first round of voting.

ACTA analīze

Pēdējās nedēļas laikā Interneta vidē gan Latvijā, gan pasaulē ir uzbriedis pamatīgs sašutuma vilnis par ACTA vienošānās parakstīšanu, ko nesen veica vairāku valstu pārstāvji, arī Latvijas pārstāvis.

Well, this is now really on :)

Uzrīkosim Debconf13 Latvijā?

Es gribu sarīkot Debian ikgadējo konferenci - Debconf Latvijā. Pašlaik notiek konkurss par to, kur rīkot 2013. gada konferenci - Debconf13. Par šo iespēju bez Latvijas cīnās arī: Berlīne (DE), Cambridge (UK), Griekija, Istanbul (Turcija), Šveice un Vienna (AT). Šī ir ļoti saspringta cīņa un lai uzvarētu un redzētu Debconf13 Rīgā man ir nepieciešama visu jūsu palīdzība.

Debconf t-shirts

Debconf 11 - postmortem

Another year, another Debconf and now it is passed. Pictures are processes and all are now uploaded. We are still missing 25 names in the Debconf 11 group photo. With 265 people and 86 Mpix it is the highest resolution image we have had so far (Spain image had a bit more pixels, but a lot of them were outside the actual photo) and the largest number of people (Edinburgh photo had 248 people). The video team produced hundreds of gigabytes of footage, we had very interesting talks and debates and sometimes the AdHoc meeting room on the side was overcrowded with people in BoFs that were not on the initial schedule. It has been a very special kind of conference. As it always is. :)
As always, there were also some problems. I did not read the debconf-team mailing list, but I hear there was plenty of 'fun' discussions to be had in the run-up to the event, some information on getting to the venue was not quite clear (that was quickly fixed as first people arriving to Debcamp were documenting their experience), the organizational dance with the food tickets was more ... elaborate than usually, both the day trip and the formal dinner were ... more self-driven than expected, vegetarian complaint level was about the same as usual (which is considered high by some) and the wireless in the hotel was very weak, also Saturday weddings are quite loud and run very late apparently.
To compensate for that we had: very sunny Debcamp, cheap beer (!!!), great quality accommodations, very good looking venue, good network at the venue (after initial scalability issues with the wireless), good food (that did sometimes run out, though), short distances to all locations, oh and did I mention cheep beer?

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