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Censorship is unacceptable

UK ISPs erect "Great Firewall of Britain" to censor Wikipedia

Almost a master

On Wednesday I had a viva for my Master by Research thesis on "Text classification by quality". After a 15 minute presentation and almost two hours of questions from two of my examiners, I was told that I will receive my Masters degree (after minor corrections to the thesis). It is a great relief and a great reason to celebrate!

Debconf7 photos

My blog server has been down ever since I left off to Edinburgh for the 7th Debian conference. Since then I have been busy taking photos of everything and everyone here AND I am not alone in that. Enjoy!

Debconf - fun and motivation (and pictures)

Debconf is coming. And I fully agree with Amaya regarding the much needed battery recharge that brings to people (and me in particular.
And to the contrary to the information two posts ago, thanks to getting an unexpected side income from the nice folks of FFII, I did manage to buy myself a Canon 400D instead of my old camera that was stolen from me recently. Unfortunately, I do not earn well enough to also buy a good lens, so I will have to document this Debconf with the kit lens :P. If you want something better, then I beg you to lend me some better Canon (EF or EF-S) lens for the time of the Debconf. Canon EF 17-40 f/4 L (like the one that I took the last years group photos) would really be great! :D
This year I am thinking of doing both the group photo and the mugshots. Any other ideas for the paparazzi? :)

I'm blue!

Me and a Blue Man
In the last day of Lastguru's visit, I convinced him to go to The Blue Man group performance in the New London Theatre. The performance was just great - a combination of rhythmic music, dramatic light and a hilarious comedy show. Just wonderful!
There was a lot of classic Blue Man moments - weird looks, colour-splashing drums, rock concert movements, textual and emotional sketches with the audience and the great "You Are LATE!" intermission. It really was 100 minutes of pure fun.
And best of all, on the exit I was given a special ticket with which I can get back in again for free if I bring a friend - yay!

Game On!

For the last couple weeks I have been concentrating on things related to my studies and on some events related to it. I posted pictures from these events on my Flickr photostream: a colleague from the institute finished his PhD and we had a goodbye dinner, my supervisor invited me to his son's first birthday party. Also my friends Bunja and lastguru came to UK. With one I took photos of a night playground and squirrels and with other one some photos of the Eye and Babbage's brain.

Finally back

All the time since the Debian I18N conference in Extremadura I was moving around, staying in temporary places having temporary accesses to restricted Internet connections. Finally yesterday I got everything back - a permanent place to stay and a good permanent and unrestricted Internet connection there. Now I just need to compensate for the productivity loss that it is causing me :)

I called it!

Ryanair finally sued the UK government for 3 million pounds for the air traffic disruptions, just like I called it!
Now they only need to team up with British Airways (who demand their money from goverment's BAA) and all the other affected airlines, so that the court doesn't just dismiss it right away. Also it would be nice if Ryanair rallied the people to halp them - demonstration in front of the courthouse and bumper stickers saying "Keep Britain Flying!" and "Keep US Flying!" (along with t-shirts, umbrellas and sports style water bottles) would also help to rally public support.

Dell Next Day service - 10.5 days turnaround

I previously mentioned that my brand new Dell Inspiron XPS m1710 notebook broke down just a few weeks after I got it.

Security costs? You pay!

Apparently the government agencies in UK that are managing the current security craze have little to no idea how much their super-paranoid security policies acctualy cost. It appears that direct losses from one day of air traffic chaos costs airlines 175 million pounds.

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