My Azureus just gave me something else to blog about: two wonderful new musical groups that I started to like recently - 5nizza and Cosmos.
Cosmos is a latvian project - five guys singing good old songs without music creating the melody by intermixing their voices. Imagine five beautiful voices singing together everyone of them having a different rythm and pitch, but all combining together perfectly.
5nizza is a similar russian project, but there are only two people in the group and they do use music for the backing. 5nizza also writes all of their songs which is a nessesity as both singers sing almost at the same time, one frequently continues a word that the other one has begun. The text is also nicely composed to have multiple meanings depending on where you divide the words or phrases. An example of such style you could see in a Ramshtein song - "Du hast mich (You hate me) .... Du hast mich gefragt (You asked me)"

Note to self: I really hate German spelling :P