It is one year 'till I'll have to present my master thesis. Today I've been thinking that my current topic "AOP crosscut and UML" is not really my thing as it involves a lot of formal logic and mathematical manipulations with said logic. And I am not that math inclined anymore. Any deviation from current topic will also mean a need to change my professor and I kind of dislike that.
On the other hand I was thinking about alternate topics - about things that I'd like to research. It seams that currently I seam to become much more inclined to writing about open source and project management, but AOP has also slipped into my mind as an interesting concept with a possibility of use not only in programing, but also in project management or even in complex organizational structures. Therefore the possible topics include:

  1. Management of Open Source projects - a cookbook for an open source project manager
  2. Howto Open Source your software - guidelines for businesses willing to open source the software they developed - what, how, why, when to open source and how to manage both the software and the rest of the business after that
  3. Aspect Oriented organizational structures - for example, a larger corporation with many regional branches could have a separate IT branch that would directly control IT departments of all branches and then these IT departments would cooperate with the respective branch office as with a regular client.
I am also thinking about a professor that could take me on board. And I acctualy have one in mind. He is a top manager in one of the largest Latvian software companies and he has been quite nice to me before in a open source related maters. :)