This day is rich on pictures - 8 of them got in here, but that is a bit compensated by low number of photos tomorrow :)
Here is a photo of the cafeteria where all meal are served at the Debconf. It is not a bomb bunker.

This is the breakfast of mine for the day. You might wonder - why does that look so much like a lunch? Because it is. I missed the breakfast and only woke up at lunch. Doh.

And the I arrived at the talks and the first thing that I see on the screen is ...

Branden followed that up with a detailed talk about man pages. You can now also see that debconf2x-man generates better man pages then the first version.

The talk by Enriko was also very interesting, but despite being a bit sleepy, he moved so fast all the time, that I have no usable picture of him :(
Going back to Smokki we went by 'the lost band':

Here is a very bad attempt of mine to make a panoramic photo of the Smokki hacklab:

Many people wondered, why the hacklab webcam vibrates while going right and left. Here you can see it:

After the long hacking hours, many developers like to relax and have some kind of movement, for example like this:

Also sauna is an option. Today sauna was particulary good as it was finnaly turned up to 100 C, like I asked for the last two days :)