I think more people should just publish their thoughts about platforms of our DPL candidates so that we can have more visibility and insight (and a reason to actually read those platform statements). Thanks go to MJRay for the idea, however I will try to be a bit more biased so that this post conveys more of my opinions then just a plain summary of the platforms.

Jeroen van Wolffelaar

Five word summary: transparent, wide, smooth, mediative, consensus

Ari Pollak

Five word summary: humor, half-*, police, anti-legalese, illustrations

Steve McIntyre

Five word summary: professionalism, standards, MIA, tests, communication

Anthony Towns

Five word summary: continuity, tempo, newbies, direction, bling

Andreas Schuldei

Not online, to be put here when it appears.

Jonathan (Ted) Walther

Five word summary: Here, goes, my, vote, period. Alternate summary: geek, love, tolerate, recertification, statue.

Bill Allombert

Five word summary: filler, communicate, more filler, patience

I hope this summary gave someone as much food for thought as it did for me. My favorite is very clear, but can you guess who is my second choice? Leave a comment and let me know what you think :)