Blogging this week seem to be on a high wave for me. Which, as I previously noted, is correlated with my general level of activity. So this blob post is my braindump about 2006 Academy Awards ceremony a.k.a Oscars 2006.

First of all - I love John Steward and watch "The Daily Show" daily.

Opening was just hilarious. Everyone refuses to host and then John awakes from several dreams in bed with Clooney. LOL!

Collage of non-gay westerns - LOL! It is true - I will never will be able to watch old westerns without considering "maybe that guy is gay?"

About Best Animated feature: I really thought that "Howl's moving castle" was much better then that Wallace and Gromit thing, but they gave it to them because their props burned down.

Talking about howling, who let Dolly Parton in? That was just horrible - no voice, no show, all face pulled back into a bun in the back of her head. "We're all Gods children"? "Alleluia"? Please, let her die in piece.

March of the Penguins is the best, especially in Linux context :D

Now the second song (the one from "Crash") was much better in all possible ways - great show, good looking singer and a better voice too. The beginning was kinda shaky, but she calmed down soon after starting to sing. I was fascinated.

They should have given Steward more time to give some impromptu jokes.

I really loved the way they presented the original score from films - giving one man with a fiddle to play all the scores in succession was a brilliant move.

Pimp song - quite strange rap. Still better then the first song, but quite strange anyway. And they won the Oscar. Doh, man.

Best Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman. Without any doubt. Congrats.

The most important part of the ceremony is also the most boring one for people that are not involved in the process. So I spent the most of the ceremony almost dozing off. As I said earlier, more John Steward could be useful there.

I really did not expect "Crash" to win the best film. Maybe I will have to see that. It is not played in Latvia and there are no plans to show it here. It is believed that it is so USA specific that it will not be interesting to audience here.

In any case, I love the tendency to go for love budget films - that is where the creativity is. Lets hope that one day a film is made in a free software manner that get an Oscar. That would be something.