While most DD's continued hacking in the hacklab, some of the Spanish speaking Debian people joined in with approximately 50-70 Mexican people for a set of Spanish language presentations about something. I have no idea what they were about as I do not speak Spanish (except manyana).

The Debian Day was also the first thing that was webcasted live. The video team tested the software, tested the equipment and judging from the IRC responses at in the #debconf channel everything worked just fine. The video team also had a BOF session in the evening talking about how to improve the experience even better both for people watching the webcast and for people watching (and making) the recordings.

I especially loved the exhibition from the pixelchica - wonderful pictures.

A lot more people arrived today - many new faces, lots of social interaction happening even when the Internet is here. In the evening several crates of beer were acquired by the shadow beer team and the celebrations continued well into the night.