The development of SBackup was very stale for most of this year, mostly because many of the bug/feature that user were requesting required a significant rewrite of the codebase and at the same time I saw how messy the code has become over time. A few people came up and offered some help, but out of that only new icons and a command-line parameter parser were fully developed - other developers just took a task or a an idea and disappeared.

However this week my trust in Open Source development model was reinforced by Jonh Wendell. He approached me yesterday about localising SBackup to Portuguese and was also willing to add the i18n support that was needed for that. I gave him all the details he needed and forgot about it. But today he came back with working code and a translation.

That really inspired me to resume working on improving SBackup one little it at a time. Expect a new release version 0.10 soon with i18n and a few long awaited bugfixes.

Also, if you want to translate SBackup to your language - use this file as your template. There are only 75 strings to translate.

P.S. One happy user of SBackup donated some of his time cleaning up SBackup wiki from spam. Thank you for that! Now I only need a way to prevent the spam from coming back there :(