We need you ...You are next!

Tokkee and I are doing the mugshots this year and we need your cooperation. Mugshots are a great way for people to link the name to a face and remember that link even after several years. Liw did this as his project last year and it was great success - many people have now a better way to link a persons IRC nickname to their face which in turn reduces the tension in communication as you can very easily know who is the person you are speaking to.
There are people who avoid the mugshots and i wanted to ask them to reconsider. Mugshots is not a beauty pageant - in Debian people are judged by their merits. Mugshots are useful tools in future on-line communications, tools that could reduce the aggressiveness and flammability in the Debian IRC and mailing lists.
It is not the holy grail, but it helps. So I ask every participant of Debconf - help us make this mugshot gallery complete by contributing your own picture. And thank you very much to the many people that already did.
If you want to have your mugshot taken then listen out to when mugshot sessions are taking place - we take all mugshots in front of the cafeteria door, usually during the food times, so you have easy time finding me and tokkee there.

UPDATE: First 120 mugshots are uploaded here. Next mugshot shooting session will be tomorrow - on the 18th of June, during scheduled lunch and dinner.