After catching a glimpse of John McCain on Saturday Night Live (SNL) I decided to watch a full show to see if is good enough to add to my daily US news lineup (which currently consists of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and NBC Daily News).

From the very start the comedy level is pathetic with fake laughter gushing out over something that is apparently was supposed to be funny. Combined with the pretense of "smart comedy" that says - "If you don't laugh when we laugh, you just don't get it." which is pure old brainwashing aimed to make people stop thinking. Very far from anything I would call good TV.

BIG INTRO WITH BIG VOICE. Useless Americanisms. And then Steve Carell does the most stupid and idiotic '6 RedBulls' routine that I've ever seen. Are the writers still on strike? "There can be only one Democratic nominee" was a bit better, bit still rather simplistic. "Deal or no deal" was an even dumber one. "Two assholes do karaoke" actually was even worse. "Japanese Office" was nothing but a cheap pun of the *American* version of the Office with a few Japanese words. I think it went on for 5 minutes, which was 4 minutes and 55 seconds too long for something of such horrible production value. Another John McCain appearance, while misreading the teleprompter (not on purpose), was actually the highlight of the show.

That shows two things: John McCain is so desperate that he feels it is acceptable to appear on such a low quality show and that SNL is overrated - even a politician can do a better job at comedy then the SNL staff.

That Usher guy song was on the same level as the jokes of the show, so no hard done there.

News were almost ok. Not nearly as good as The Daily Show, but better then the rest of the show. Not a single item was chosen to make people think, just the opposite. "FitTV" bit was .. well .. pointless. So was CPR bit. And the 'Bless this child' bit.

In summary, I've never seen a more pointless and badly made show. That thing could pass for good in 60s or maybe even 70s, but to consider that show good nowadays in any country with reasonably developed TV would be just insanely dumb.