Personal-life rant follows after a break.

At the beginning of this month life was great, then it all went went downhill.

First my cat is gone. He came home sick, he did not eat, slept a lot and he puked several times. After reading all kinds of articles on the net, I convinced myself that it is not as bad as it looks as there was no sign of blood in the vomit or any other symptoms. So when he demanded to be let outside, I let him out thinking that fresh air and possibly some kind of grass might make him better. And if not, I would bring him to the vet in the morning (it was Sunday). I went out to see how he was every hour. I found him the first three times, but since then I have not seen him anymore. And noone else has. We asked the neighbors, put out flyers, browsed the shelters. Nothing. Thinking back, he most likely had eaten some kind of poison or something that caused a hard bowel obstruction. Those things often are fatal even with surgical intervention. Two weeks have gone now. I am still hoping, but it is wearing very thin.

After that, last week my laptop broke down - power adapter failed and video card developed bad VRAM. Luckily I still have warranty, so it is sent in for repair. But still I am without my laptop for a week already and I am not sure how much longer Dell service will take. It was almost two weeks last time. Now I am stuck either using eeePC 701 with Debian or borrowing my girlfriends laptop while she sleeps or is out of the home.

The on Sunday a final blow came - my bicycle and my girlfriends brand new bicycle were stolen. In broad daylight, in the center of Riga someone cut a very thick hardened steel cable and took our bikes. We called police and filed the report, but the hope here is rather dim as well. We will only be able to afford spending on new (or used) bikes around spring now. Now we are reading all kinds of stuff about bicycle theft prevention that we did not know before. The only positive is that it brings us together almost as much as riding those bikes brought us closer together over the last month, since my girlfriend bought hers.

I think this is the most depressed state that I have ever been in.

I hope that my laptop comes back from the repair soon and that will end this dark streak in my life.