Date: 2011-11-10 16:46 +200
To: DebConf Team
CC: debconf-discuss
Subject: [Debconf-team] Debconf13 in Riga, Latvia bid
Hello all,

I will be concise and to the point. This email is a formal bid to organize Debconf13 in Riga, Latvia.

You can find all the relevant information on the appropriate wiki page:

All the plans have been solidified over the last few months and the backup options are there only for unforeseen disaster scenarios (like a big fire burning down the primary venue or something like that). The only details that are not nailed down are the final location for the day trip and formal dinner as the vendors did not want to give us such quotes and tentative reservations so far in advance, but even there we have primary and backup options planned already.

We are trying to keep everything about this bid simple and predictable, so we hope you'll enjoy it.

Best regards,
Aigars Mahinovs