The meeting was as long as the kernel changelog, the decision was as difficult as a Debian release, but in the end Le Camp has won in the voting 5 to 4. It was lucky that one member of the 10 man committee was not present or we could have had a tie, just like there was one in the first round of voting.

Well, congratulations to the poor sods of the Swiss team, who will now have to fulfil what they promised and also all the small things that everyone always forgets that also need to be done for every Debconf!

I think that I will try again for 2015, but before that we will try to get a few people from Latvian community to go to Debconf13 to get the Debconf and Debian experience and exposure.

Meanwhile, it looks like I will be skipping this years Debconf12 - it is very far away for me and as I could not find a reasonable business rationale for me being there, it would be a far and expensive vacation for me. I don't think there is enough benefit from me being there to ask for any Debian funds for this either, especially hearing how tight money is this year. So - if you're going, make sure to take a camera and take a bunch of pictures, so we at home can see it too :)