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Planning to buy a Canon Digital Rebel XT as my first SLR and can't decide on the lenses. What I know is that my current camera (Sony F717) has a fixed lens that is equivalent to 24-125mm and I would like to have a lens set that is wider at both ends.
I am already decided to take a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens - for portraits and for low light situations (in-house sports, ...). All experts say that this is a must have lens - it is very fast and gives wonderfully crisp pictures for a price of 75-80$.
Now I can't decide whether to buy the kit lens (Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6) or go and buy something better right in the beginning. After reading a comprehensive review of the best Canon lenses from Bob Atkins I am more confused then before.
One of the best compromise "walking" lenses is actually narrower then Sony's range - Canon EF 28-105/3.5-4.5 USM. Buying this lens would mean that after some time I will probably buy the kit lens or a 500-600$ lens for that wide end and a Canon EF 75-300/4-5.6 for the telephoto end. That is a total of 4 lenses - what a waste!
Now, if I would relax myself a bit on the money, I would take a Canon EF-S 17-85/3.5-5.6 USM and then extend to the telephoto end with Canon EF 75-300/4-5.6 or (new, much better, more expensive) Canon EF 70-300/4-5.6 IS USM.
Lets see what the numbers say:
Option 1 - kit lens + Canon EF 28-105/3.5-4.5 USM + Canon EF 75-300/4-5.6 = 100$ + 200$ + 150$ (or 450$ with IS and USM) = 450$
Option 2 - Canon EF-S 17-85/3.5-5.6 USM + Canon EF 75-300/4-5.6 = 520$ + 150$ (or 650$ for the great new Canon EF 70-300/4-5.6 IS USM) = 670$
My start-up lens choices vary from the recommended 350$ (kit + Canon EF 75-300/4-5.6 + 50mm prime) or 270$ (Canon EF 28-105/3.5-4.5 USM + 50mm prime) to 1250$ (Canon EF-S 17-85/3.5-5.6 USM, Canon EF 70-300/4-5.6 IS USM, 50 mm prime). We must also remember that I will also have to buy the camera itself (500-600$), a carrying bag (50$) and a CF card (100$). Ouch.
Spending 2k$ on a hobby, that is just very not me.

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Alexey Tarasov 14 years, 7 months ago

I bought Canon 300D one and half year before with a kit lense. It is much the same like Rebel, so I can share with some my experience. Mine 300D was with the kit lense. It is not so easy to get such wide lense for a small money. Keep in mind, that if you're using Canon Rebel then the focal length of the lense must be multiplied by 1.6. But it is not about the kit lense: it was developed right for this camera and you'll get real 18-55 mm.

Now I'm going to buy Canon 50mm 1.8 too, it's a great lense, my colleague has such one. But I wouldn't advise you to buy Canon 70-300 even with IS and USM. Cheap telephoto lenses are rarely good. I had the same problem of choice previous summer and decided to take Sigma 70-300 APO Super Macro. Well, nice lense, but some L-glasses from Canon of course are much better ;).

Really, I can't see much benefits from the USM. It will be more silent while focusing, but I don't think one should pay such money for that feature. IS can be very good, I feel the neccesarity for it in my Sigma lense, but it also won't help you very much. With IS you can go only two exposure steps lower.

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