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It has become a hidden tradition for me to watch Superbowl every year, despite disappointment in the game and coverage quality in the years before. It started as before: pre-game show, pre-pre-game show, coin toss show and kick-off show ... It is clear that the show is planned by and for advertisers and not for the viewers. That is a shame and a disgrace - the viewer must be the master of the TV programming and NOT the advertisers. In soccer the program starts, you see the captains exchange a handshake, you see the referee throw a coin and 10-15 seconds later the game is going full steam. Why do you need 3 ad breaks and 2 songs before the game is beyond me - get to the game!

The camera work and NBC commentary is MUCH better than last year - stable shots with good close-ups and explanations that actually make sense even to people that are not American football experts. Oh and they actually use units - saying "they won x out of y games this season" and not "they are x in y this season", mostly at least.

The game had more fun than usual in the beginning, but the legal things slow it up again - it is weird that a guy got over the line but was called beck because of the knee touching and then a penalty for a 'false start'? Too much rules and regulations. Soon you'll have a team of lawyers on the sidelines and lawyer drafts will be more important than player drafts. And then again 'holding' and 'chopping' - isn't that what the blockers are supposed to do? Is that some kind of sissy sport?

Maybe not. 100 yard interception return run ... I am speechless. Now that was a great, great play. That episode alone made watchig this thing worth it. Not the best sport thing I've seen, but the best American football moment for sure.

I like the basis of the game, it is a good game, but there is way too much fluff on it. That game needs to be cut down - less rules, less breaks, less interruption, less advertisements, less time to think and relax for the players. 10 seconds of play and 5 minutes of players chatting is not a sport, even curling has more action. The whole Superbowl should be over in 1 hour real time. If the TV transmission starts at 17:00, it should be done before 18:00. There is no content there to justify anything longer than that.

Why is there a limited number of challenges? Do the referees make only a limited number of mistakes per game? No. Illogical.

And when I though it was done and sealed, Arizona does a great drive and get a great touchdown. One more drive like that and the game could go either way. Now that is a good game. But again penalties spoil the whole game ... Fitsgerald gets a touchdown, another great play to turn the game around, but only because of the holding penalty giving Arizona 'safety' score. Not deserving in my opinion. And the Steelers drive back ... AMAZING game! Now this is actually close to the best sports game that I have ever seen. I sure was not expecting that. And Arizona tries to drive back again. I was sleepy when I started to watch this, no sleep now. That was a great game. Despite all the commercialization, it is still a great game and it is very watchable if you download it from the Internet or watch it with TiVo and can skip the adds and the slow parts.

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Anonymous 12 years, 2 months ago

Meh. Apart from the Steelers' 100-yard touchdown (by a player later penalized for beating on someone on the sidelines), I vastly preferred the Cardinals' play. They had a more impressive defense and a better passing game, and they almost won the game.

I agree with you about the penalties, though; perhaps the Cardinals would have held their slim lead if not for the 100+ yards of penalties against them (most for "holding", which I agree seems like the players doing their job).

Some penalties make sense, though, and need more severity; the Steelers player beating on a Cardinal on the sidelines should have gotten thrown out of the game right then and there, or better yet thrown out of the sport.

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k3ninho 12 years, 2 months ago

"Why is there a limited number of challenges? Do the referees make only a limited number of mistakes per game? No. Illogical."

You'd get every decision challenged by the coach against whom the decision went. Or you'd have no decisions challenged and players, fans and the manager grumbling about refereeing. Imagine if Soccer allowed managers or players to refer the ref's decisions to a video official? The game would never be over! Limiting the number of challenges makes sure that a third opinion can bring hindsight to decision-making without disturbing the play too much.


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btmorex 12 years, 2 months ago

I agree about the penalties to a certain extent. On the other hand, every sport has its problems with penalties. For example in soccer, referees are very reluctant to call any penalty in the penalty box because of the game-changing consequences. When I was watching Eurocup, I'd estimate that I saw probably 15-20 penalties over a number of games that weren't called. It would probably make more sense to have 2 classes of "penalty box" penalties: one that resulted in a penalty kick and another lesser offense that resulted in a free kick moved back to somewhere outside the penalty box.

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Bob 12 years, 2 months ago

Blah, the Ads are the only reason to watch the Superbowl, though the best commercial was unable to air thanks to the censors. Apparently women licking eggplants is too suggestive for American Television.

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Puffy Winslow 10 years, 10 months ago

I can never understand why companies spend so much money on these ads and then never show them again.


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