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If one really wants to make international flying perfectly safe (at least safe from terrorists masquerading as passengers), it is in fact very simple and quite cheap:

* No carry-on or check-in luggage at all (all kinds of chemical, bacteriological or radioactive materials could be hidden there, for example it can be trivial to make a laptop burn up in flames mid-flight and make in in non-detectable way).

* No personal items of clothes (clothes can be soaked in certain chemicals to make them explosive).

* Secure passengers during the flight ( so that they can not actually do any terrorist activity).

So, the optimal way of securing air transportation would be to have people come in without any luggage at all, remove all items and clothing at check-in, dress in uniform one-time paper clothing where one can not hide anything, sedate them, feed them trough introspective inspection to detect in-body foreign objects and check the chemistry of skin and hair, pack them into the airplane on secured padded shelves, fly them to the destination, reverse the sedative and give them a standard set of clothes and essential personal items.

In addition to perfect security, this plan will also reduce the overall cost of air travel by allowing to pack more people into an airplane of the same size - the padded shelves can go from the bottom of the airplane to the very top with minimal spacing (all passengers are sedated - they will not walk around), no separate cargo hold will be needed (no luggage) and no in-flight entertainment or food will be required.

If the current security craze continues, we might reach this perfection by 2020. Congratulations!

Note: All software by that time will be Web-based, so there will be no sense in taking your "personal" laptop with you.

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Kevin Mark 13 years, 9 months ago

Hi Aigar,
if you have ever seen the show 'the A team', they used some of these tactics. Security is a continuum. At one end, there is total freedom -- almost anarchy (think mit license -- hehe). Then there is total control (think DRM!). The thing that the powers that be like to do is not have our chains that blataint as to do what you say -- too many people would protest. Awhile ago, I thought why not have everyone fly nude and have the luggage go fedex! That seems a little less 'secure' as your approach x-) But seems more 'enjoyable' but then again USAians are too prudish for that. Come to think of it, I think the technique you describe is probably being used for those 'foreign rendition' cases. scarry.
I've always though that hackers would do a better job of thinking of 'real' measures rather then the pseudo-measure that are employed today. Your post proved me correct.

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Drizzt 13 years, 9 months ago

Quote: [...] dress in uniform one-time paper clothing where one can not hide anything [...],

Paper clothing? Paper is not transparent! For this reason I would recommend shrink-wrapping.


Quote: [...] pack them into the airplane on secured padded shelves [...]

Cryosleep would also be an alternative - this people won't move, act suspiscously, drink, eat or do anything else. Apparently they won't even wake up again. And a troll on a German forum advised: "dead people can't be terrorists anymore".


P.S.: Hopefully answering from a (currently) free country. But (hopefully) also anonymized by JAP (

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thor 13 years, 9 months ago

Stolen from

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aigarius 13 years, 9 months ago

3. Yes, I have read that article and adressed many of those concearns in my securty plan, but the plan itself (which is the whole point of this post) is 100% original and, if I would not be such an anti-patent believer, could be easily patentable.
2. Cryosleep is not reseasrched enough and would require heavy cryogenic equipment on the planes - very unpractical with no added security benefits to narcosis or strong sleeping drugs. The people will be scanned with devices that see trough their whole body, not even mentioning the paper clothing, so there is no need for it to be transparent. However paper is preferrable as it will absorb sweat and is generally better hygienicly then plastic.

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me 13 years, 9 months ago

Rumors say that Al Quaida has bid to "dispose" of the LiIon batteries Dell just recalled...

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Drizzt 13 years, 9 months ago

To 4: I've never said that it's realistic right now. And I didn't ment it serious ("[...] Apparently they won’t even wake up again. [...]").

I thought of your blog entry as an oversubscribed image of the (near) future. Even when I admit, that ther will be a lot more security checks I hope not that it becomes something close to the described possibilities.


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aigarius 13 years, 9 months ago

6: Yes, I know. I just tried to keep ir realistic to show how far can it really go if human life (or security) is really considered priceless and infinetly more valuable then money or human convinience.

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