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A song This Is Not America by David Bowie tuned me in to the radio playing in the background. And I realised - the USA that exists today is not The America anymore.

The America is the land of free and brave. The USA is the land of self-restricted cross-monitoring cowards. And I am talking about the attitude of the people, not about the government here. People make the country, not the government.

The America would have laughed in the face of 9/11 and said "Bomb us all you want, bet we will not give up our freedoms!". The USA crawled into a corner and pleaded to its president to take away all its freedoms and wealth just to get a false sense of security, which it still has not got.

I would like to live in The America, but the USA is just pitiful. The American dream is dead and buried by the same people that once made it - the USA public. RIP.

P.S. If you think that my blog has become too political, then I am sorry, but the problem is that politics slip into our lifes more and more and if we - regular people, do not become politically involved, then the polititians will just assume the we do not care and make decisions based on who pays their lobbies more. Think software patents, just on a much wider scale and with much wider implications, like the WW3.

P.P.S. I know that I offended some American people that read this blog, by this post. I am sorry for that. It was not my intention. The situation is being improved by the very people that make up the American public. Buch's approval rating of <30% is a great indication that people understand what is going on, but the media hush over all the anti-Bush/pro-libertian actions that are being done, so that it seems that nothing is being done. That in turn discourages to doers. I am glad to see resistance in the USA, but with the media controlled by conservatives you will need much more. Much more. (A good leader to rally around would help a lot ;))

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GWBush 13 years, 9 months ago

We haven't given up any freedoms. Find someone who has a real gripe about the patriot act.

There is nothing wrong with biometric IDs. You'd be stupid not to have them in the 21st century. Our founding fathers would endorse them, who went to war over a tax on their breakfast beverage.

The US was not perfect in the past. We put Japs into interment camps in WWII, and did tons of spying in the 20th century. We get better ever day. If you don't know the past, you can't compare to the present.

The goal is not a 'sense of security' but security.

The world is getting safer every day. In fact, the 21st century will be a much more peaceful place than the 20th century. The number of bad guys is small and they are very isolated--compared to 1950, for example.

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aigarius 13 years, 9 months ago

I have a gripe both with the Patrion Act and with all the unknown surveilance that the USA government even does not want to tell their people about. And I am not even affected by them directly.
When a president says that he has the right to spy on anyone with a reason or without any reason and that he does not have to be accountable for it in front of anyone, that is the sound of privacy going right out of the window.
You do not get better security by inconviniencing your own people. You only get a fueling mix of fear and false sense of security.
Anyone who is seriose about making a terror act, can do that anyway. And no amount of security can stop a trully determined attacker.
The only victims in this "War on Terror" are the freedoms on innocent bystanders (and billions of dollars of their own tax money).

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Hey Now 13 years, 9 months ago

More than a few people have refused to give up anything. The protests don't even make the news anymore.

Don't believe what you see on TV.

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Martin-Éric 13 years, 9 months ago

My thoughts, exactly, especially now that EU is joining in on the frenzy (at least, UK is). I dream of the America that the founding fathers created; I dream of European classicism too. I loathe USA and EU. This is not America; this is not Europa; This is Paranoia. No thanks!

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GWBush 13 years, 9 months ago

Imagine if another 10 airplanes blew up over the atlantic last week. Assuming we knew it was Bin Laden: quick, which country would we bomb?

There is no paranoia, we live in a dangerous world where its not even clear that deterrence works like it did in the cold war.

The president is accountable to the supreme court, to congress, to internal lawyers and overseers in the various agencies. I've had lots of lawsuits and won most of them.

If you are not affected by something, and don't know anyone who is, is it a real problem, or are the leftists just winding you up so you'll give money and votes to the dems? Don't forget that a lot of the hate and energy comes from the fact that the dems want power and need your help--not that they'd do anything differently, in Iraq, for example, or whether they'd be stupid enough not to watch international bank transactions.

Did you know that the clinton administration endorsed various aspects of the patriot act, like the sneak and peek provisions which bush has taken so much heat over? There is a ridiculous double standard.

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aigarius 13 years, 9 months ago

USA Democratic party now would be considered too republican to join the Republican party just 30 years ago. What is the point in democracy that only really allows two parties? (All USA constitution is geared towards that, btw).
Who to bomb if 10 plane did blew up? Nobody! Do you really think that bombing any country or any place will stop terrorism??? You can only stop terrorism by making all places in the world safe and comfortable to live in. That is the only way to completely eradicate terrorism. People of Lebanon were almost neutral to Israel a couple months ago. Now half of Lebanon will gladly join Hamaz and die for their cause.
Bombing only increases terrorism.
Bush has made himself unaccountable, by sleazy rhetoric, by changing what he says every 3-4 months, by having lots of powerful friends in all the right places. If he can just go and bomb a country without any UN sanctions just because he thought there are WMDs and not get severely punished when those WMDs are not found ...
It is just pathetic.

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GWBush 13 years, 9 months ago

I thought you liked the US--now you think the constitution is fundamentally flawed? 2 parties is good--it encourages building of a big tent.

You seem to think wars don't solve anything. Maybe it is true now, which explains why gathering intelligence is so important,but it wasn't true in the past. I hope you could recognize that.

The US is doing more than anyone else in making the world a safe and comfortable place to live in, and I am doing more than my predecessors who mostly ignored the Middle East and Africa. Look at women voting in Kuwait, a new leader for the palestinians, woman president of Liberia, baltics joining NATO, etc. The US can't take full credit for this, but we have done a lot more than is generally recognized.

Lebanon was not neutral to Israel, surely Hezbollah wasn't. It will take decades for them to get over their issues, just like England and France used to be enemies. Disarming Hezbollah is a start, and this ceasefire is the start of that process. I hope you recognize how a militia is a threat to Lebanon's new democracy?

I am accountable to many people, including the majority of americans who voted for me, the congress, the courts, the press, etc. I haven't changed what I've said every 3 months at all. In fact, I talked about rebuilding the military, the threats of terrorism, reforming social security, and many other things since *before* I entered office. I am not a flip-flopper. True I emphasize democracy more than WMD now, but there were many good reasons to take out Saddam. Everybody assumes there was only one reason for the war in Iraq (oil?) when there were many.

You act as if removing Saddam were one of the deep questions of our generation. Its a no-brainer. He is one of the top 10 murderers of all time.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

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aigarius 13 years, 9 months ago

Are you for real?
2 party system is no better then the 1 party system of the USSR. The parties in US are basically no different.
These wars do not solve anything because those wars are not fought between nations - if you are trying to fight a war agains an ideology, then it is impossible to win such war unless all proponents of such ideology are dead as well as their families, and the familes of their families and familes of anyone caught in the crossfire. You can not "occupy" Hamaz and declare a victory - they will simply relocate and gain even more strength.
USA invaded two sovereign countries without international sanction and without a declaration of war. In the matter of couple of years USA destroyed the very foundations of internationall politics. And that is the reason why Israel can just start shelling and bombing anyone or anything on a whim. It started as a rescue operation, then it turned into search and destroy overnight. If that is not a flip-flop, I do not know what is.
I am from the Baltic states so I know very well that the statement that USA (and Bush in particular) had some kind of effect on us joining NATO, is just plain lies. Everything was done way before Bush.
The only thing that Bush did to world politics was showing that bombing anyone is just fine if you can change your reasoning fast enough, so that noone can refute you.
The one and only reason why UN even considering USA's request to change the situation in/or around Iraq were the repeated claims by the USA that Iraq is preparing to use WMD's against other countries. No other reason was brought up until after the invasion it became clear that there were no WMD's in the first place. Only then it was too late to refute the WMD claims because now Bush claims that there were many reasons, and that democracy and removing Sadam was good enough and jada jada. Bullshit. UN did not give a mandate to remove Saddam. It only gave a mandate to find WMD's (and USA attacked even before that anyway).
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” and that is exactly what is happening to USA's politics. Sensible people do nothing and Bush, Chainee and Rumsfield just continue to spew complete rubbish on the rest of the world.
An idiot, a weasel and a madman are controlling USA and nobody in the world or in the USA itself has the power or the guts to step up to them.
(Oh and do not give us that bullshit about Bushes elections. In both cases Bush recieved less votes then his opponents, even by the official count. It is just the backwardness of the USA constitution and the strong backing from dads buddies in the Supreme Court and Fox News that let Bush get the place and keep it)

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GWBush 13 years, 9 months ago

Yes, this is the real dubya!

I don't think the democrats and the republicans are the same. Who doesn't want to reform social security, build nuclear power plants, build missile defense, cut taxes, do tort reform, kill the death tax, convert gays, etc.?

You can win a war against ideology: fascism and communism were igeologies that lost wars in the 20th century.

Enemies don't automatically gain strength after a war and there are efforts on many fronts to disarm militias in many countries.

You are getting all technical and legal about the reasons for the wars in iraq and afghanistan: there were many legal justifications for war, including 17 UN resolutions and the terms of the 1991 cease fire.

Anyway, the taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam in Iraq are rogue states--outside the international order and so their claims to a true sovereignty are bogus.

Putin was against the Baltics joining Nato and I know the leaders of those countries are grateful for my help in making sure it happened. Putin no longer talks about the baltics as part of Russian territory as he did in 2000.

I never change my reasoning but I do change my message as the dialog and the topics of the day change and events change things. Now that Iraq has a constitution and a legislature, I no longer talk about Saddam being a threat.

BTW, I talked about many things other than WMD in many speeches: but the media talked only about WMD; do not confuse the two.

A minority of Americans think of me as a weasel and a madman. In fact, many people sleep a lot better at knowing that serious adults are in charge. Saddam, Kim Jong Il, and Osama Bin Laden were better off after 8 years of Clinton.

I get along well with Tony Blair (but not his crazy wife), Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Koizumi, Stephen Harper, etc. There are people in high places who do hate me, because I am challenging the old order. The UN was ineffective and corrupt, and there is pressure for change. That diplomacy must mean something is another. That we cannot ignore the 3rd world.

I am fighting many entrenched interests in Washington and around the world and it is because of this I am hated.

Finally, in the 2004 election, I won both the electoral and popular vote. I received more votes in 2004 than any president ever. Clinton got 44 and 49% popular vote in his 2 elections. Did that ever bother you?

Finally, Fox News is the most popular cable channel, but the liberals run the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS,, etc. It used to be that Dan Rather, and a few other like-minded people, could tell America what to think, but not anymore.

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doza 13 years, 9 months ago

I agree with your postscriptum, due to people's disintrest in politics (mainly young people) we have a bit suprisingly the worst ever government in Poland.

Keep eyes on your politicians, and try to choose less evil.

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