Getting fit

Thanks to a contest on a local photo site, I got a free day at a fitness center. I actually did not expect to win it, so I only logged in to the site at 19:00 at the day. Imagine my disappointment when I read the message saying "You won a free pass to our fitness centre for *today*" after scrolling trough the message, another part of it sprang me back to 'happy mode' - "today we'll work 'till 22:00". Goodie. Lets get rolling...
After finding the place on the map I was quite certain that I'll have no problem getting there by bike (my preferred inter-city transport), so off I went. At one point along the way I took a wrong turn and got very lost. After 20 minutes I decided to ask locals for directions. I was so much off that they didn't even know the street I was searching for. Doh!
Luckily I spotted a bus with an ad of the fitness centre I was searching for and went to the direction it came from. After five more minutes I stumbled upon a street map (one of banks uses street maps as a very practical advertisement) and finally found my way to the place.
The place was nice. I've not been to a dedicated fitness club before, but I can imagine it can be a lot of fun after a long office day especially if you take a few of your friends with you. Try it - you might like it.