Software patent situation

For those that do not know yet, I am closely involved with FFII in fighting against software patents in EU.

Yesterday there was a vote in the JURI committee of the European Parliament. Out of 10 critical amendments - 5 were accepted, so it is not a complete failure as some media portray it to be. One additional amendment was accepted that is good to us, but is not critical. These amendments will go to the EP plenary vote as a bundle and we want them to be accepted (total majority is neede for that).

After that additional amendments will be voted upon. Our supporters will file 5 critical amendments that were left out by the JURY vote and those amendments will be voted along with other amendments to the respective articles. Just before the vote, when the voting order will be known, each MEP (Member of European Parliament) will receive a clear and simple list from FFII with the list stating which amendments to vote for and which to vote against.

Currently it is critically important for all EU businessmen to contact their MEPs to express their concerns about software patents and to ask them to follow the FFII voting list. You can do this either directly or trough:

The E-M people can also help you to get to Brussels and to get in personal contact with MEPs. To arms, brothers!