Debconf - first day + morning

Let us try out a photoblogging format for the daily Debconf5 reportings.
I only arrived here yesterday and here is the schedule of the bus from the center of Helsinki to the campus region:

After following the many friendly signs, I arrived to the site and spotted the first developers:

Some more were just around the corner:

After trying to start the wireless according to several mystical HowTo's and giving up after two hours, I had to plug myself into the Ethernet jack in the dorm room and start working on the presentation for tomorrow. Actually I was not the only one doing that on the last night - developers are lazy :)

The night was long and funny

Around 70 developers were said to have arrived on this day

No photos from the dorm sauna, sorry :)

In the morning we only got up half an hour before the end of the breakfast - around 8:30.