CDD ideas

I am now at the speach of Andreas Tille about CDDs and let me dump here my idea, what the CDD framerowk should do.

  • it should be enough to write one structured text file to create a CDD
  • you can select a set of packages that are: needed, recommended, conflicted;
  • you can preseed debconf database with answers;
  • you can do some specific changes to the conffiles or other files (as diffs or rewrite rules);
  • you can add/remove some text or binary files;
  • you can recompile a package (with a patch);
  • you can add some package that is not yet in Debian;
  • the framework can generate a set of packages that could be uploaded to Debian, to allow a Debian user to 'apt-get install cdd-something'
  • the framework can generate a simplified installation CD that installs the CDD with a minimum amount of questions
  • the framework can generate a LiveCD with the CDD
  • a summary of bug reports that relate to the CDD should be gettable
  • all the actions for a CDD should be possible to be done on Debian infrastructure. portal with standartized interfaces for every CDD for documentation, information, bug summaries, cvs/arch/svn/... links, links to all CDs, links to web forums, ...
  • all the actions for a CDD should be possible to be done fully independently from Debian. Packages for that should be inside Debian and should be easy to install/configure
  • a CDD must be able to do releases independantly from Debian
  • the should be a way to do security updates for all relased CDDs for some fixed time period
  • any CDD could be derrived either from plain Debian of from any other CDD
  • The feature set must be complete enough to have Ubuntu as a CDD
  • I will add more, once I remember more ideas.