July 12th - still Debconfing

This post is kindof a warm up before the comprehensible report about all activities of the June 13th, so this will have more pictures then usual, but less then the next :)

First of all I must note that I've been walking barefoot for most of the week and I must say that it feels really good, except for the really sharp stones. Walking on the grass feel especially good.

The other thing is how Debconf is not fully empthy even at 6 in the morning - you can see the dorm hacking area here has some people already awake (the people that were still awake, went to sleep half an hour ago).

A breakfast is quite light around here, but if you are skillfull at maquerading, you can get a second serving :). (Note: the person in the photo is facing the camera)
Some obligatory photos of the speakers have been skipped this time - look at the group picture if you want to see how they look like. I will try to blog about the other things happening here - things that are not going to be available as HD video.

Here is the photo of the (currently empthy) second room where some of the talks are held. I went here for the presentation from the OpneOffice.org Debian Team. That sure sounds big. But it apears that there are only two people on the team and that feeling of having a big team is kind of hurting them. So - OOO@Debian *does* need your help.

One other unconvential event is Branden jumping around and screaming "It did it again, you are my witness" and putting an obscure error message op on the big screen - you can see it here in all the glory. It seams that Mozilla screws up the type detection :)

And even trough the daytrip is planned tomorrow morning, the fun still goes on far into the night.