Flashback to childhood
A contest at Animefest - we all are trying to remember how paper boats were made. Here I have a moment of "enlightenment" :)

In other news - today I was "performing" in an event at Latvian University - telling a bunch of people what is console, how and why can work and survive there. Was fun.

Also I got tired of instability of Ubuntu dapper and went for a radical move - downgrading a system back to breezy. It was no easy feat - after setting APT preferences (pinning breezy to 1500) I went trough a series of "apt-get dist-upgrade"s and "apt-get -f install"s. Some packages failed to downgrade because of file conflicts, then I had to manually fix file lists in /var/lib/dpkg/info/package.list so that there is no conflict. After the whole downgrade I could reinstall all my lost packages by means of "dpkg --set-selection" and "apt-get dselect-upgrade" and via aptitude remembering what software I installed manually trough it before the downgrade. All in all - a successful downgrade.
Note: This is sarcasm. Do not attempt to downgrade your Debian or Ubuntu boxes unless you have been a Debian developer for a few years and know internals of apt and dpkg from inside out. Because that is exactly what you will see if you try. My advice is to save package selection with "dpkg --get-selections", do a backup of your home dir, /etc/ dir, all possibly vital data (/var/mail?), do a reinstall of the stable version that you want to get back to (Dapper or Sarge are very stable now), restore package selections with "dpkg --set-selections" followed by "apt-get dselect-update" (remember to restore your /etc/apt/sources.list and tune it back to the stable distro before that), restore all you care about from your backups and you are done! Also remember that sometimes software gets confused when tou give it thhe conifg file of some future version, so beware.