TUX Magazine #11

I have recently come across the TUX Magazine and have subscribed to this free downloadable PDF magazine. A couple days ago the issue number 11 came out with some great articles that I would like to comment on.

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Anyway, back to the TUX Magazine - the focus of this issue is desktop customization of KDE, Gnome and Firefox. The Gnome article is very much a cripple, but other articles and comparison between kde-look.org and art.gnome.org downloaders make up for that a bit. Also I have not before known about gnome-look.org, so that is nice to see. A few nice gadgets are getting reviews, including the Nokia 770. I also learned a few interesting things in articles about drum machine app Hydrogen and what actually a mail merge wizard in OOO2 is all about and for what it should be used.

All in all a god read well worth the time spent on it. I especially liked the computer oriented approach to publishing - the PDF is in 4:3 landscape mode, so you can simply used Evince in presentation mode to read the magazine page by page. The pages will fully fill your computer screen and you can simply press spacebar to go to the next page. Convenient.