ReadThemAll GPL book reader for Palm

Many people complain that it is hard for them to read ebooks. The thing is you simply have not seen the best way to do that. The right hardware and software. The right hardware for most people is a Palm. Palms are great organizers and generally a very good portable computing device with nice battery life and good screens. The right software to read ebooks in Palm is the GPL ReadThemAll.

The killer feature is the "spotlight" autoscroll. The idea is simple - you open a document, a screenfull of text is shown, you press down and start reading, as you read the lines at the top of the page start becoming transparent - they fade out, when you have read 'till the end of the screen the fadeout has propagated down to ~middle of the screen and on the top the text from the new page is fading in, so when you have read the last line on the screen you just raise you eyes and start reading from the top again and the new page is already there. The text only fades in and out, it does not move around the screen. Works like magic.

You can press up to stop the scrolling. If you press down when the scrolling is active, it will speed up. If you press up when the scrolling is not active it will reduce the scrolling speed.

It also has the normal page-by-page mode, remembers your place in books, reads the normal Palm document files (utf8) and allows adjusting the font.

Wonderful piece of software, I read a couple books a month with it and my Palm Treo 600. It has actually become my catch all activity - if I have nothing else to do for even 5 minutes, I take out my Treo and continue reading my book. (P.S. Discworld rules!)