Debconf6 day -6: Netless pooling

The Internet is not up yet, so the productivity of people here is very different now - some have no way to do what they want, but on the other hand some are benefiting from the lack of interruptions and disturbances and having a very productive hack session in the offline.

Hacklab Other part of hacklab Wider view of hacklab

In addition some people (including me) had to move from one hotel to another hotel, where all the other Debconf people were staying. That required finding places, packing things, moving things, giving away keycards, getting new keycards, moving things again, unpacking things, ... It basically took all morning and a good part of the afternoon for those involved. (Note: we really want/need a key/keycard for every person in the room)

The dinner was a three dish set. Learning from yesterdays experience meals were preselected in two sets: normal and vegetarian. Those not liking fish (which also includes me) had to settle for the vegetarian main dish which was a tomato with sweet corn and some salad - not too filling. The food in general is quite simple and very tasty.

Praying for the Internet Wild photography He is on the normal menu Gunnar's table Vegetarian table

One must remember to drink a lot of water, but not tap water.

The most important device in the hacklab

In the afternoon some DD's (including me again) went to check out the pool system which seems to be the center of this place. There is a lot of people in and around the pool at all the time it is open (8:00 to 18:00). Swimming is quite tiring, but you can rest by holding to the wall or by climbing out and sunbathing a bit. Trampolines look scary. Strange discussions ensue among people clamping for the wall of the pool.

POOOOOL! No consumo humano

Dinner was just as nice as lunch, but one more bit of knowledge emerged there - if there is something on the table and you do not know what exactly it is, be sure that it will be be hot. Very hot. Especially if it is green.

There was an organizational meeting right after the dinner. It seems that a lot of things can go late when setting up a network coverage for a holiday resort on a hill some way out of a town: uplink is plagued by line of sight problems, lots of wires to be put on roofs, hotspots, ... It should be fixed tomorrow - "manyana" is the key word here. It was even said that the key phrase of the conference should have been "Debconf 6: manjana" instead of "Debconf 6: hot and spicy". The "wild Debconfers vs. the security guards" issue got some coverage too. The conclusion is not to swim in the pool in the night. Especially not naked. I should go look at the local sauna tomorrow.

Hyperactive network guy

The place looks just wonderful - here are some more picture of the surroundings:

Sunny pool area Diving tower and the pool Parliament tower Hills near the hotel Looking down the ridge A small chappel on a cliff The funiculeur Look, there is a penguin too! Walkways at night Night panorama from the tower