Debconf6 day -3: Lower you MTU and your expectations

Nothing much happened today, except:

  • Internet working _barely_ if you lower your MTU to 500 or something like that. The speed is around 250 bytes per second and the delay is over 3 seconds. Luckily we have a separate IP-over-a-man-with-a-USB-key for uploads to incoming;
  • The restaurant for the food has been changed to one closer to the hacklab and to the pool. They scared us a bit by having two starters before the actual main dish, which sparked exchanges like: "Do you want another main dish?" - "No, I want _a_ main dish!";
  • I got a bunch of blurry photos of a collibri eating a mango. It was just too jumpy. There are several wild mango trees in the area and they are a strong magnets for local birds;
  • There was a heroic guy climbing a huge mast without any safety to put an antenna there hoping to improve the Internet situation. It looked scary as the antenna mast itself is on top of a building which is on top of a hill, but it did not help;
  • Last minute dash of DD's to the pool just before it was closing at 18:00;
  • Lots of cutting, folding, laminating and sorting of all the conference stuff;
  • Some more Mao and a bit of watching of "The IT crowd".

Note: the Internet is up and looks stable as of noon of May 11th. Yay!