Debconf6 days -2 and -1: Internet or Inter-Net?

There have been not too many exiting events in the real life here in Oaxtepec, Mexico. The main reason for that is the return of the drug of choice around here - the Internet. In order not to overwhelm people that were withdrawn from the cruel drug for several days, the first day the service was a bit shaky - we only got Internet from noon until 16:00 and then some more later in the evening.

In the evening there was a bit of a storm around here and after that I noticed that could not get wireless in the hotel anymore and also noticed that the AP on the roof of the hotel has moved, so I figured that it must have been blown by the wind into the wall and does not work because of that which I promptly reported to Ganneff.

So we went to check that out by walking the roofs of the resorts walkways. The view is really much nicer from up there and the amount of cables that the organizers had to put up to get some connectivity around here is astonishing - more then 1.7 kilometers of CAT5 cable has been used so far and a lot of wireless hotspots were installed in waterproof containers on roofs.

On the day -1 the bags were ready and started to be distributed. It was really useful, for example I found out that I should have changed my room two days ago and that I am changing it again today. One hour with Marga at the registry fixed that problem. In other news we had: stable Internet, romantic hacking, impossibly small notebooks and taped switches.

A really crazy game of Mao ensued late in the evening - there were more then 20 discard piles at the same time! We also had several newcomers to the game and it was fun even if they were a bit unobservant (in the beginning).

Major part of people started arriving this evening, including a person from Intel and Ted The Krooger. Fun should start tomorrow with the Debian Day.