F-word on BBC and shot Muslims

Pre-story: In Forestgate in London police stormed inside a house, shot one man and arrested him and his brother. After 10 days it turned out that no evidence of any gilt to them was found in the raid and the raid is only based on some secret intelligence.

During the day when I was watching the news the brother that was shot was describing how policemen dragged him down the stairs shouting him to "Shut the f*** up!", the F-word was bleeped and that was ok. The real surprise to me was that it was not bleeped out when retransmitted in the evening news at 22:00. I am glad that UK's media are not as puritan as USA's.

P.S. I think that this incident with another innocent Muslim person being brutally shot by the police without any warning is the best thing that Al Quaeda could have organized. I just hope that this will get the same outcry internationally as here in UK and that will turn the tide from "war" to "freedom".