Laptop down

A half an hour ago my brand new Dell XPS M1710 laptop stopped working. It just turned off and would not turn on again. I got my old HP lappie out and went to Dell site for debugging. After several quite nice debugging steps the fault fell into a generic "no idea what it is, but it sure is bad" category and I was told to contact the support, which I did - by email. Let's see how long it takes to get this thing fixed and how will they respect my Linux partitions if I will need to send it in.
Oh well, that means that I will go to bed early today - yay!

(P.S. As one might note, I am very keen to find good thing behind anything. I got into this habit when I was fired from my job last January. It helped me a lot. Repeat after me - every change is for good. It is that simple, you just need to find the good things sometimes. Sometimes it is hard, but the search is rewarding.)