This is not America

A song This Is Not America by David Bowie tuned me in to the radio playing in the background. And I realised - the USA that exists today is not The America anymore.

The America is the land of free and brave. The USA is the land of self-restricted cross-monitoring cowards. And I am talking about the attitude of the people, not about the government here. People make the country, not the government.

The America would have laughed in the face of 9/11 and said "Bomb us all you want, bet we will not give up our freedoms!". The USA crawled into a corner and pleaded to its president to take away all its freedoms and wealth just to get a false sense of security, which it still has not got.

I would like to live in The America, but the USA is just pitiful. The American dream is dead and buried by the same people that once made it - the USA public. RIP.

P.S. If you think that my blog has become too political, then I am sorry, but the problem is that politics slip into our lifes more and more and if we - regular people, do not become politically involved, then the polititians will just assume the we do not care and make decisions based on who pays their lobbies more. Think software patents, just on a much wider scale and with much wider implications, like the WW3.

P.P.S. I know that I offended some American people that read this blog, by this post. I am sorry for that. It was not my intention. The situation is being improved by the very people that make up the American public. Buch's approval rating of <30% is a great indication that people understand what is going on, but the media hush over all the anti-Bush/pro-libertian actions that are being done, so that it seems that nothing is being done. That in turn discourages to doers. I am glad to see resistance in the USA, but with the media controlled by conservatives you will need much more. Much more. (A good leader to rally around would help a lot ;))