And then there was Debconf9

First I will point to resources that will receive more updates than this blog:

  • My Twitter feed - if I have a bit of info to get out, I'm more likely to tweet it out there, rather than writing a blog post about it.

  • #debconf9 Twitter feed - me (and other people) posting Debconf9 related info on Twitter are likely to use this hashtag to tag the information ( tag feed is also useful).

  • My photos on Flickr - I will be uploading photos and adding them to this set as the event progresses. A few are up already ;)

So, about me now. I got a cold last week and only barely recovered before flying off to Debconf. Flew to Madrid via Frankfurt-Hanh airport with Ryanair with no complications. Slept on both flights with iPhone playing Howard Stern recordings into my ears. That device can play music for a surprisingly long time in 'airplane mode'. Ryanair were very fast with luggage both times - only around 5 minutes passed between me getting to the baggage retrieval point and getting my case. Took the metro to a hostel and just crashed there - I think I had the fever return at that point. (2€ metro, 18€ hostel+2€ padlock rent)

In the morning, after breakfast at the hostel took the metro to the south bus station got a ticket to Caceres and got into the bus half an hour later. (1€ metro, 20.03€ bus, 1.5€ a 1.5l bottle of water) The bus was great - air conditioning with vents at every seat that you can regulate a bit, nice quiet radio music, tinted windows so that sun does not burn even if it shines on you and a 20 minute break in the middle of a 2.5 hour journey. No toilet on the bus though.

After getting off the bus in Caceres, I tried to follow the directions, but got a bit disoriented and walked towards the train station. So for anyone taking the bus - after leaving the bus terminal, turn right, go until a large road this will be the Avenida de la Hispanidad, cross that road and turn right, then follow the instructions. You will need to turn left at the third roundabout. If you arrive during the day (09:00-21:00) either bring a lot of water and stop to rest in shadows or just get a taxi - the heat here is no joke.

I myself walked the walk with bags at 15:00 and it was not pretty. Maybe that is part of the reason why I am lying in my room today - exhausted with a bit of a fever, drinking some medicine that I took along just in case and only venturing out for water, food and to take pretty pictures for all you guys at home. I hope I will get better tomorrow so that I can really take part in the Debcamp.