Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-21

  • Vēl tikai vajag dabūt lai VNA rīko C/UNIX programmešanas kursus bezdarbniekiem, lai par to arī pabalstu varētu saņemt. #

  • Tagad viņi jau rīko parastos datoru lietošanas kursus, bet programmēšanas kursi būtu daudz noderīgāki. #

  • When you need to write a programming language that would generate config files of your program, then .. it kinda gets complicated. #

  • Just signed a contract extension with Accenture to 'unlimited time' :) #

  • Gooodmorning, people! Going to see Avatar 3D later tonight, wonder if it will live up to the hype. #

  • - 2.5 mil view video from Latvian group Melo-M and Liepaja symphonic orchestra #

  • is their web site and they are on tour in Latvia currently :) #

  • Avatar 3D is phenomenal. Well worth the money. #

  • Air battle sights in Avatar were the best for me that I've ever seen, even better than Macross Zero (my last favorite air battle scene). #

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