Travelling to Debconf11

This year Debconf is a bit off the beaten track, so there is a bit of anxiety in the participants - flights to Banja Luka are quite expensive (I'd guess we have packed the relevant dates pretty full already) and other options are going via Zagreb or Ljubljana, but there people do not yet have all the info on how they will be able to get from, for example, Zagreb airport to the Debconf venue in Banja Luka, if their plane lands at 22:30 and get back if the departure time is 06:30. There is hope that the organising team will provide the info on how to use the local buses and arrange a Debconf bus for people arriving late and departing early, but that has not been 100% confirmed yet.

In light of all this, I really dug deep into all possible options and found an option that is far more fun and relaxing for me and almost the same price. So I will be travelling to Paris on the morning of July 16th, then staying overnight there (never been in Paris before!), then take a late morning flight to Zagreb where I'll be around noon (plenty of time to get to Banja Luka) and then on the final day of the conference I can got to Zagreb at any time, stay there overnight (never been to Zagreb too!) and around noon next day fly back home via Budapest (just a 2 hour break there). This way I will get to see two more cities, save me a lot of stress and also not bother the organizers too much. :)

P.S. I must say thank you Accenture for paying for my plane tickets.