Soon to be on my way to Debconf too

Going to Debconf13
I also soon will be on my way to Debconf13 and those who asked for more photos from the place on Planet Debian will soon start getting their fill ;)

Privacy note: as always, I will be trying to balance the need for people to get lots of pictures as fast as possible with privacy of people, who do not want to be in published photos. The way this has been done before and will be done this time (at least from my side) is that:

  • I will myself filter the photos so that bad or embarrassing photos would not be published

  • If you see a photo of yourself published that you do not want to be, ask me and I will take it down ASAP

  • If you see me taking a picture that you don't want to be taken or published, just come up to me and say so and I will erase it

  • If you do not want to show up on any published pictures, please come up to me at any time and say so. I will have to then to take a full face portrait of you for my own reference (my memory is not that great) and will be my best to avoid even taking pictures with you in the shot