Moving to Germany

After a long contemplation about what I want to do with my life and just as long a negotiation, I have accepted a job offer at BMW and will be moving from Latvia to Ulm, Germany in January 2016.

It is going to be a big change and a big shake-up in my life, but the change should be for the better, eventually. I am going to move there using my car, loading a single car load of essential stuff and leaving the rest behind. My cat will be amond the essentials, so I have already started training him for car rides. The cat is not thrilled about it. I'll be renting out my current apartment - I wish to find someone that I know to rent to, but if noone comes up, then I'll have to give it to a renting company to rent out for me.

There should be little change for my online activities, but this means that I will be less available for parties in Riga for the forseable future. Wish me luck!