Debconf 23 photos all

Two weeks have passed since Debconf 23 came to a close in Kochi, Kerala, India this year.

In keeping with the more relaxed nature of Debconf in India, the rest of my photos from the event were to be published about two weeks from the end of the event. That will give me a bit more time to process them correctly and also give all of you a chance to see these pictures with fresh eyes and stir up new memories from the event.

In the end we are looking at 653 photos and one video. Several different group photos, including a return of the pool group photo that was missing from the event since Mexico in 2006! This year was the first for a new camera (Canon R7) and I am quite happy with the results, even if I still need to learn a lot about this new beast. Also the gradual improvements of panorama stiching software (Hugin) ment that this year I did not need to manually correct any face-melt events on any of the group photos. So that is cool!

DebConf 23 pool Group photo

You can find all my photos on:

Also, don't forget to explore the rest of the Git LFS share content - there are very many great photos by others this year as well!