Sleep disbalance

At this moment I've not slept for 46 hours. In two hours I will go to the airport to catch a plane to Brussels. In ten hours I will meet with three members of European Parlament that are very influential back in Latvia. My task will be to get them to spend a lot of their time to help us with the software patent directive.
I wonder why I feel a bit sceptical :P


My proposal for the Google Summer of Code was accepted. In this summer I'll be writing

I am so hyped!

Early riser (try 2)

Okay - today I managed to wake up at 5. This is the second time I managed to do that. I've already done most of the queued work for today and I had a real breakfast - I like it.

Software patent situation

For those that do not know yet, I am closely involved with FFII in fighting against software patents in EU.

Yesterday there was a vote in the JURI committee of the European Parliament. Out of 10 critical amendments - 5 were accepted, so it is not a complete failure as some media portray it to be. One additional amendment was accepted that is good to us, but is not critical. These amendments will go to the EP plenary vote as a bundle and we want them to be accepted (total majority is neede for that).

After that additional amendments will be voted upon. Our supporters will file 5 critical amendments that were left out by the JURY vote and those amendments will be voted along with other amendments to the respective articles. Just before the vote, when the voting order will be known, each MEP (Member of European Parliament) will receive a clear and simple list from FFII with the list stating which amendments to vote for and which to vote against.

Currently it is critically important for all EU businessmen to contact their MEPs to express their concerns about software patents and to ask them to follow the FFII voting list. You can do this either directly or trough:

The E-M people can also help you to get to Brussels and to get in personal contact with MEPs. To arms, brothers!


Last few weeks I am trying out an idea, that walking barefoot as much as possible is good for your feet. Even after a few first days walking barefoot inside my home, I noticed that it actually is more pleasant to the feet then walking in slippers or even in your socks.
Today I went for the next step and went to the nearby shop barefoot. I was expecting that the rough asphalt would feel unpleasant at first and that I will find quite a lot of glass on my way. It appears that I was wrong - asphalt felt quite nice and I hardly found any broken glass at all. I even risked and intentionally walked across some broken glass - I felt the edges, but you'll not cut your feet unless you drag them and dragging your feet is a bad idea in any situation :).
When I came back, my feet felt a bit strange - numb, just like your muscles feel after unusual amount of stress. I'll probably will try to do some training on that.

Test broke down

I really tried to wake up at 5 today, I did. But as soon as I tried to get up - my nose started bleeding, so I laid back untill it stopped ... when I woke up it was already 14:00. Doh!
I will not give up so easily!!!

Slleping habits revisited

In the light of today I might just have to reevaluate my sleeping habits. Usually I sleep 'till 12. Today I woke up at 5 and untill 12 I did more then I usually do in one day. After all that I still had strength for an exausting aikido practise and I am still up at midnight.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.