Jonathan backslash

After last post I received a bunch of feedback both via (buggy) comment system and via email. People wondered about my support of Jonathan and pointed out some posts by him, like That in my opinion is the type of post that the DPL should be acting harshly against. Personally. On a case-to-case basis.

Just to be clear - my evaluation of the platforms did not take in account anything that candidates did do in their past as I somehow felt that it was not really relevant. I was just as wrong as most of USA voters in the last two presidential elections who only trusted information from their candidate.

On one hand it shows the impression Jonathan's platform left on me when I approached it without prejudice, but on the other hand we clearly do not want developers to make a quick judgment only basing on candidates platform statement, do we? So, to redeem myself I decided to simply do a research on the past actions and statements of the current candidates and post that research on the blog too.

I was also planning to post my opinion on the other pre-election activities the candidates will be involved in. That now becomes increasingly important so that at least I make an informed decision in the end and hopefully help some other people come to their own conclusions in the process.

Note: to prevent unfair judgement based on year old data I have arranged with Jonathan for an interview/discussion where he will be able to express his opionion and I will be able to ask him some grilling questions so that we get to really understand what is his position now. The result will be posted in this very blog. If you have something you would like Jonathan to answer for, send me a message.